Tamoxifen is used for treating breast cancer that has spread to other sites in the body.

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Is there a generic form of tamoxifen for menopause, too? If so, do I take it tamoxifen uk brands as soon the test results come out? Thanks :) G.E. There is drug prices in canada vs usa in fact a generic form of tamoxifen for menopause, called tamoxifene-Nolvadex. It's available from generic drugstores and pharmacists. I don't recommend you take it but it's a good starting point, especially because it doesn't need an estrogen agonist like tamoxifen-Relafen to work, and it takes effect in less than a week. My gynecologist prescribed tamoxifen for a female patient with PCOS, who was taking insulin and it at night. The doctor said that it wasn't working, and the patient responded very negatively. woman got her insurance to pay for it the duration of her insurance, but a few months later, she got a letter saying that she was being dropped from her insurance. The doctor said "not worth not getting insured, but I can't afford it anymore." The woman has gone from 100% coverage to no coverage, and it would be nice if she had insurance that covered hormonal treatments (which the insurance won't do). Is it possible that the medication you prescribed was working and the insurance company is just refusing to pay for it anymore? I'm pretty sure not the only one in family with insurance issues the company. C.W.G. What will happen when a woman changes her doctor, and she has insurance that covers the generic version of tamoxifen? In a word, nope. And this is why insurers should pay for it by force, and refusing to give it her, they are doing more harm than good for their customers and themselves. I have just been diagnosed with PCOS and I was on a new estrogen pill for year. I noticed a big change in my energy levels after the pill. For past two years I worked hard all day and still did not recover all my energy from the pills. It seemed like I was losing my drive and didn't have the energy to get all out and about day. About two months ago, I was on a low-potency estrogen pill in my new doctor's office and noticed that I felt like a zombie. For the past year or so, I've been losing my motivation to get things done. Also this past week, I went to walk through the park with my daughter and I had to stop take extra breaks because my body felt like it was Neurontin capsules on fire. I started having heart palpitations, felt dizzy, and really couldn't make it through longer than a minute or two. After a call to the doctor for a history check and to make sure that I was on the right pills and was continuing to take the right ones, I was told to take the low estrogen pills for four weeks and if that didn't help, I should get back on the pill. I was very worried about being on a low-potency estrogen pill for awhile. Will all the good things that this pill does end when I start taking a low potency pill? Because as I told my doctor, the only way they're going to recover is if I'm on it long-term. M.M.O. To answer M.M.O.'s question, the estrogen pills you took before were quite low-potency. In other words, they have a low estrogen dose in t